2017-05-27 Medina Half Marathon & 5K

Congratulations to all runners in the Half-Marathon and 5K! Here you will find the link to view your start & finish line photos. We appreciate your patience as it took longer than expected to upload the nearly 5,500 images from the day. I would personally like to apologize to any runner that we missed in getting photos of. We are sincerely sorry if you were one of those runners.

We wish we could offer you the capability of searching by bib #'s, but we are not able to provide that service as our photo host/printer does not have that technology. Unlike national photo chains, we are a local photo business (based in Ashland, OH) that seeks to provide you as good as or better than finish line photos at a better price to you! Why? Because we are runners too! We love this sport and love being a part of it and helping in any way we can!

You have access to the free digitals that are tied to your finish times, but this will give you opportunity to either purchase prints or prints with your finish time printed on them. Either way, enjoy your photo and relish in your accomplishment!

Photos are sorted by finish place. If you don't see your photo in the correct album, please check the album before or after yours and you should find them in one of those. If for some reason you cannot find your finish line photos, please contact us.

Several people have contacted us having trouble finding their images. They think they are looking at all of the photos, when in reality, they are viewing thumbnails of galleries and are not quite there yet. Keep clicking until you have entered the gallery of the finish places to find your photos. If for some reason you cannot find your finish line photos, pleasecontact us.

All photos you see are UNEDITED/UNCROPPED. After ordering, your image will be CUSTOM CROPPED before printing.

We also offer you custom photos that display your finish time! Here is a sample. Be sure to know your official time as you will be asked to provide that.

If you have any questions about your photos, please contact us PRIOR to ordering! This can usually solve problems before they happen!

Do you organize a race you'd like photographed in Northeast/North Central Ohio? If so, contact us ASAP!