Viewing and Ordering our Photos

By Tim Black

October 2, 2013

Viewing and Ordering our Photos

You may have noticed a change in several things about Black and White Services. In case you aren't aware, I (Tim), recently accepted a teaching position. Because of this, my ability to photograph has been limited. My primary focus now is on my students. I do still enjoy getting out to several student athletic events a week, but it's no longer every night.

You will also notice that our images might look a different than they have before. In the past, I would photograph an event and then spend anywhere from 2-8 hours editing those images BEFORE they were posted. Because of my teaching obligations, I no longer have the time to do that. Therefore, after I photograph an event, I simply upload the images "as-is". Please know though, that once you order an image, it will be custom cropped. This may mean that an image changes rotation (from landscape to portrait / horizontal to vertical). If you have any specific requests regarding how we might edit your images, please contact us PRIOR to ordering. If we are unsure as to who your child is in the image, will be sure to contact you before we have your order printed.

*Above is an example of a before & after image*

As always, we appreciate your business and continued support of Black and White Services!

-Tim Black

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Did you take request? To photograph a specific player?
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