Why Black and White?

In the past ten years, Black and White Services has sought to be one type of business….a business that cares and gives back to our community. When you think of Black and White Services, you probably think of Action Photography, but we are so much more than that. With four photographers, we can cover just about anything in and around the Ashland-area. Odds are, if a sporting event is happening, there's a good chance we're there. From youth football to high school baseball, we cover all levels, all sports. We are at single games and all-day tournaments. If your child is on a team that we haven't covered, we'd love to come. Contact us to see if we are available.

Looking for something other than Action Photography? We also provide a full-array of Portrait Photography. Black and White Services offers portraits for children, families, seniors and our signature Legends Portraits. Taking your portrait is more than just taking your picture. We want to get to know you and what you enjoy. Our goal is to make sure that your portrait is a reflection of you, your personality. This is especially true with our Senior and Legends Portraits! 

We pride ourselves on giving back.

Whether it's a donation to your team or earning a percentage of sales, our business only survives because of you. We've been blessed by the local schools, leagues and teams that have invited and allowed us to photograph their sporting events. Giving back to them is the least we can do.